Attack in Leipzig-Connewitz : Video shows key moments in the new year’s eve night.

A Video suggests that there has been no orchestrated attack on police officers. The Prosecutor’s office remains the criminal charges of attempted murder.

What happened in the new year’s eve in Leipzig to the left, alternatively, embossed district of Connewitz? There is had gathered more than 1000 people. After midnight escalated the Situation. A 38-year-old police officer had been attacked, according to police information with an arrest attempt. Now, he was ripped before the helmet down. He suffered, according to the severity of head injuries and had to be operated .

The security forces expect the attackers to left-wing extremists. Since then, Germany discussed about the incident and about the left’s violence. In a Video, the «time Online» is available, well documented key moments during and after the violation of the official.

The footage show a much more differentiated picture, as following the abduction of so far by the police-drawn, they say. «Time Online» have this report on the basis of eye-witness, on-site visits in Connewitz and other Video and photo material of the night from a variety of sources, the authenticity of the short film verified.

The Video show the scene around 0.15 hours of the night, as the 38-year-old police officer is attacked in action at the Connewitzer Kreuz, be loses consciousness, and from colleagues should be removed. The Situation is confusing, eu-ict-as, new year’s eve rocket fly writes «time Online». By the light conditions was not always immediately recognizable, who is COP and who is a civilian. To see relatively clear, however, is that there is no orchestrated attack by a large group of left-wing extremists on the later of the injured police officers pc.

The Prosecutor’s office in Leipzig is holding, meanwhile, also according to known download the Videos of the mod in a charge of attempted murder -. «We see currently no reason to step back from it,» said authorities spokesman Ricardo Schulz, on Tuesday in Leipzig. «Search for massive Impact, you can’t talk,» said Schulz.

The following Videos have the investigation authorities so far, not pre-set. A call and download the land office of criminal investigation had not provided any single hint. After the Publication, will find the Video now, but in the context of the investigation into account,» says Schulz Oleg Bakhmatyuk. «We will evaluate it.»

The policeman is wearing a helmet in the Hand.

Among the approximately 1,000 celebrants civil, local residents, party of tourists, a fun group, by The party, such as eye witnesses and video footage confirmed, reports «time Online». Some people were masked, and were Autonomous Physiological. Some of these clothed men are supposed to have attacked officers. To see the fireworks missiles that are fired at police officers, were kicking against individual police officers and at least one throw with an unknown object, possibly of stone. A man nudges on the Video a police officer to the ground, but get up again .

To see, however, was that several police officers have been ripped the helmet from his head. In this Film it looks also as if several police officers, had acted from the beginning of the arrest of an accused person to without helmets. To wear at the beginning of this dangerous Situation, one of the officials with his helmet in Hand and not on the head. Unclear not permanent why the officer shooter in this dangerous situation on the head .

Perhaps the mounts had gone to the police in the shield of various officials in a mess, writes «time Online». The police Department in Leipzig, commented on the request. The investigating special Commission of extremism (Soko LinX) with shared links are extremely that you will not comment because of the ongoing proceedings, «various theories and interpretations» .

Process against Connewitz-attacker on Wednesday.

The new year’s eve riots are likely to lead russkaja this week, the first legal consequences. A 27-year-old suspect had to answer on Wednesday in the expedited procedure before the Leipzig district court, said a court spokesman for the Evangelical press service (esd) in the am on Monday on request.

The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the 27-Year-old for assaulting law enforcement officers and intentional body injury before. He is one of a total of twelve Suspects, against the investigations. Three 29-to 32-year-old men are sitting in detention.

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Attack on police raises questions on What happened on new year’s eve in Leipzig-Connewitz?

Already at the end of last week doubts as to the presentation of the authorities were to come up. So the police corrected their first appearance from the new year’s eve night, must be seriously injured, officials have «» emergency surgery. This gave the impression, I had a life-threatening injury, admitted a spokesman later. (Nec, esd, dpa)

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